Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Amethyst Question

Hello! I came across your page while looking for some information regarding the metaphysical properties of amethyst on your website, and I had a question. Sometimes when I'm stressed out, anxious, or fearful, I put on my amethyst necklace. I've noticed that my anxiety, etc. is usually relieved in a matter of minutes, but I've also noticed that if I wear the amethyst necklace for a longer period of time, I get high strung and jittery, as well as feeling like I'm not fully grounded. Could it be that I am experiencing an amethyst overload, or do I just need to have a grounding stone with me when I wear my amethyst necklace? Also, the necklace that I have is made up of little chips of amethyst, and it's quite a long necklace (it comes down to around my solar plexus), so I don't know if the "overload" I'm experiencing is because there's a lot of amethyst chips. Do you think if I wore a smaller amethyst (like my amethyst merkaba, which is smaller than a penny), I wouldn't feel the overload so much? I've also noticed on occasion, that amethyst makes me sleepy (altho not at the same time that I feel the overload.)

Do you know if the things I am experiencing are typical of people who wear amethyst?

Thank you very much for your help. I greatly enjoy your website.

Have a blessed day!

-Stefany C

P.S. What stone would you recommend in helping me to overcome my fear of thunderstorms?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Do you sell 12 Step Beads?

Hi! I'm a member of a CoDA group. As I work the 12 Steps, I want to add a
gemstone to a chain. I am looking for a tiger eye, peridot, azurite,
obsidian, sodalite, flourite, clear quartz, agate, rose quartz, pearl,
dark iolite, and labradorite. I was wondering if you sell the stones, or if
you know where I can purchase them.

Thanks,Lisa R

Friday, February 9, 2007

Maybe there is a stone specifically for weight loss


I happened across your site tonight as I was searching for
gemstones: meaning and abilities. My 15 y/o granddaughter (my husband and I are raising 2 of our g/d's: 9 and 15) is termed "morbidly obese" and has now decided that she is ready to take the steps to begin a program of weight loss. So, in a attempt to help her, I thought 'maybe there is a stone specifically for weight loss'. Well, sure enough, there it is... Apatite.
This is one awesome endeavor you have set forth on and I would like to applaud you on your hard work and the blessings that flow forth from the pages.

Your site is very very impressive and will take me weeks to get through, but I wanted to thank you for what you have made available to the many. I would
love to offer some of your works in my little shop, located in the
Street of Shops in Lewisburg, PA.

At the present time, we are, like thousands of others, so financially strapped that we cannot afford to buy any of your fine works, yet perhaps one day soon it will be possible for us to do that.

In the meantime, I again applaud your efforts that shower blessings for
the betterment of those who want help and are willing to help themselves.
AMAZING!! May your day be abundantly blessed,
Melanie W

June A:

How nice of you to tell me that, and how wonderful for you to have gotten the opportunity to begin again each day. So many, many people wish it but can not achieve it. Be proud. You are a miracle :)

My 19th anniversary was this past month. I have never been happier.

I am so thankful to be in recovery.

Hi Shirley,

I'm the one that asked you to put a frog clasp on my bracelet.
I can't tell you how pleased I am. I never take it off and it never comes unhooked. Actually I think it makes the overall effect of the bracelet prettier.

I thank you so much for your willingness to make the change and for the excellent job.

I was in treatment this year for 6 weeks to get on top of depression and addiction to prescription drugs. I am so thankful to be in recovery. I love your website.

Blessings on your day,
June A

You have given me the inspiration and determination I was looking for...

Dear Shirley
Hi !!
My name is Sue and I live in England, UK.
I read your story tonight and cant believe how much it inspired me !! My life reads just like yours....I divorced at 36 with 3 lovely children and have worked at many jobs but never quite finding peace in what I do.. I have re married but it is difficult at times and not easy been in a 2nd marriage with diffciult step children and a terrible x wife !!!!
I work in an office now--the job is VERY stressful although I love the people I work with.. I am and always have been very creative.. I do gift baskets for friends / work colloeagues.. But when anyone asks me my ultimate job I would wish for..I always answer...making shell necklaces on a Hawaiian beach...!!!
Oh everyone always laughs at me,,,,its the office joke !! But recently I have thought about making my own jewellery.. well I own enough...I especially love gemstones and crystals... whenever I am down or feeling sad I get out my jewellery and 'play'with it...espcially the gemstones I have got all the bits and pieces to start making jewellery now...and have been busy designing...
I accidently came across your site tonight..and thought HOW WONDERFUL... You have given me the inspiration and determination I was looking for...thank you... I LOVED your jewellery and hope I can create my own special peices too... Take care

Love and best wishes

Sue L

I am just enthralled! Your work is just gorgeous!

Hello Shirley!

I have been making bracelets for family and friends and would like to branch out into necklaces also. I happened to come upon your site tonight and I am just enthralled! Your work is just gorgeous! A bit above my know-how at the moment, but it's good to have goals, right! If I may I'd like to ask about two particular pieces:

Are these a series of open jump rings? What a dazzling necklace!

Another unique one here...Where do you find the S-shaped wires?

Again, your work is stunning and any tidbit of knowledge you can share will be much appreciated!